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Stop mistaking harmless ignorance as downright disrespect, not everyone in the goddamn world is educated of the 500000+ different gender identities. You spend 99% of your time sitting on your ass browsing a website built from the ground up on social justice concepts; don’t expect others to be aware of the deep abyss of the gender universe when some people aren’t even aware that gender and sex are two different things.

There are days where I feel super bomb and just absolutely gorgeous and sexy and confident and like I can take on the world in 6 inch stilettos.

Today is not one of those days.


you want the d?

oh you mean my



Flirting with you via liking all the photos on your instagram except the one with your boyfriend


This is a canon I’m willing to accept okay!


This is a canon I’m willing to accept okay!

All I'm trying to tell you traitor, is that your time is up!

Cute underwear



I bought cute undies at the mall today. The lady shopping next to me said “I have to ask, my son is trans, I am buying him underwear… I mean her, still working on the her thing, sorry, but could you help me? Please!”

I almost cried.


really though nothing makes me happier than supportive parents of trans* kids